Your team must meet all following requirements:
  • 4 student members and an endorsing teacher from the same educational institution.
  • You and your teammates must be full time students (bachelor level and higher, incl. MBA).
  • Your graduation date must not be earlier than the end of your Qualification Period.
  • All participants agree to join The Talent Connection, which is the talent program of the Global Student Challenge.
  • There is no more than one past Global Finalist per team.
  • The students and the teacher need to provide a university email address during registration.
  • Each member can only register once for each track of this year’s Challenge.
  • You are not allowed to register more than once for each track of the Challenge.
  • You are responsible for knowing the timeline of the Challenge’s phases and making sure you are available to participate. In case you are to attend any of the Challenge’s physical events, you should know if you need a passport and/or visa to travel and make sure you have those documents on time. For some countries the visa and passport processes have a long waiting time, from the moment you book an appointment until the moment your documents are created, and you receive them, so please be sure to know how much time you will need for this purpose and book appointments early on.
  • You are not allowed to share and/or exchange your login details for the simulation with other students or your teacher. This will cause technical issues in our system.
  • You need to provide the organizers with truthful and correct information in your accounts.
  • Find and ENDORSING TEACHER: We verify all teachers! Only once we have verified the teacher logins will be sent.
  • If you have any technical problems, please inform us immediately at info@tfcstudentchallenge.org.

Yes, each student can participate in both tracks with the same or a different team. Each student will have to register separately for each track.

No, every student who is interested in the competition and meets the participation criteria is more than welcome!

Participation is completely free of charge. By joining, participants get the opportunity to experience our business simulation, which is the world’s best professional training tool. Top corporates as well as universities pay substantial amounts of money in licences in order to be able to use it and educate their employees and students.

As the organizer we cover all costs of operating the Challenge from communications, marketing, simulation licenses, customer support, IT support, online- & physical events, to just about everything else that goes along with that. We are very proud that we have an all-inclusive free concept accessible to any student in the world. Not only do we offer an incredible learning experience, but also a unique one-week Global Final event for both students and their teachers, and 20,000 in cash prizes!

We feel it is important to point out the expenses that are not covered during this Challenge. We understand there could be potential personal costs involved in joining this Challenge, like travel costs, or even costs of connecting to internet. The responsibility that bares with the participants that join such a free and open event, is to cover such own personal costs. In such a case, where the personal costs are high, the organizing committee is willing to help participants by giving advice and issuing invitation letter that will help with requesting financial support from their institutions.

Go to the registration form! Don’t forget to provide your university email address. You can also read the How-to guide for more detailed instructions. Your registration is complete as soon as you have clicked the activation link, which gets sent to your email. Make sure to only register once. If you have questions or issues, please contact us.

* If you have registered for last’s years TFC Challenge, you can just login using your primary email and password. To reset your password, click the reset password link. If you have registered for any Challenge earlier, you can transfer your account, via the option provided at the registration page.

The reason we ask for two different email addresses is because sometimes for several reasons (our emails get blocked, there is a typing error, etc.) we are unable to reach the participants through the address they provide. Since at the moment the login details for the simulation and important information about the competition are sent via email, it is important that an alternative way of reaching out is available to us. Students are also required to provide a university email for verification purposes.

All 4 members need to register and join the same team. A teacher also needs to register and be selected by one of the team members as the endorsing teacher of the team. All team members and the teachers need to provide a university email address at registration. Additionally, you need to choose a Qualification Period otherwise no logins can be sent by the system. Read the How-to guide for detailed instructions.

A teacher also needs to register and be selected by one of the team members as the endorsing teacher of the team. All team members and the teachers need to provide a university email address at registration.
As soon as your team is complete, and we have verified your endorsing teacher, it will be approved by us. We will send logins at the start of the selected Qualification Period or within 48 hours after approval if the Qualification Period has already started.

The responsibility of each teacher depends on how much the teacher wishes to be involved. The only thing an endorsing teacher really needs to do in order for his team to participate is to register. Then the students will select the teacher from their accounts and the teacher does not need to take any further action.

Essentially, it is up to the teacher to decide how much time they wish to spend and how engaged they wish to be in supporting their students in the competition. All teachers receive login details for the simulation, where they can observe the students' decisions and guide them. We encourage teachers to actively participate in the overall process by stepping into the 'Watch role'.

In order to get a better understanding of the simulation and be able to provide feedback to your students, we regularly organise a webinar. Teachers that join the webinar will have access to a few simple tips, some advice and insights on how to guide their students. This could be of great importance to their students! Students compete against teams that are endorsed by teachers who actively participate in the Challenge every year and are already familiar with the basic strategies and guidelines. We welcome all teachers to discover the possibilities of this powerful tool. The webinar is an easy way to make a difference as an endorsing teacher. Interested in a webinar? Please contact us at info@tfcstudentchallenge.org.

You can reset your password with your primary email here: My Account-Reset Password

Please note:
Global Student Challenge account - you registered to create the account on this website.
Simulation account – You receive the logins at the start of the chosen Qualification Period. This login only provides access to the simulation.

For the timeline and deadlines of each region, please visit the dedicated page:

*From the moment you receive login details, you have until the end of the Qualification Period to complete the Qualification Rounds.

– Arrival: Sunday April 29th
– 1st Day Challenge: Monday April 30th
– Last day Challenge and Gala Dinner with Award Ceremony: Thursday May 3rd
– Departure: Friday May 4th