What is the timeline for the National Rounds?

Each round in the National Rounds has a fixed start and end date and calculations are done centrally by us. This means:

  • You have to save all your decisions before each deadline. Don’t wait until the last moment!
  • You cannot calculate the round yourself. You will be able to access the score of the previous round when the session opens again for the next round.

National rounds timeline

The teams that qualified, will receive the login details on the first day of the National Rounds.


What are the eligibility criteria for the APICS TFC Global Student Final 2017?

All teams must consist of 4 members. All students must be full time students and in their pre-final or final year of their studies. Moreover, if they are in the last year, their graduation date must be before April 15th, 2017.

The students’ profile in The Talent Connection must be 100% complete and approved.

Finally, the students must not have participated in the APICS TFC Global Student Final of The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge again in the past.


What is The Talent Connection?

The Talent Connection (TTC) is our new talent program! The Talent Connection is a global pool full of fresh talents available to major corporations who are looking for perfect matching candidates for their vacancies. The talents’ assessment is accomplished through the several assignments and by monitoring student performance throughout the Challenge. By participating in this Challenge students get to demonstrate their skills and become part of this unique talent platform!


I forgot my password within my TFC account

You can reset your password with your username and primary email here: My Account-Reset Password


What is the time zone of the Challenge, according to which the activities are panned?

The time-zone used for planning all our activities and deadlines is CET. CET means Central European Time. It is also known as the time-zone of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Want to know the conversion to local time? Check here.



If you have a question, please verify first in the about section and the FAQ section if your question has already been answered there. If not, contact us at info@tfcstudentchallenge.org by including your username and team name.