Every year, The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge pits teams from universities and business schools in your region and across the globe against each other. It is an ideal opportunity to learn by experience and match your supply chain management skills against the best in the world.

The Challenge provides you the opportunity to experience The Fresh Connection, a shot at winning part of $ 5,000 in cash prizes and a trip to San Antonio, USA where the finals will take place in 2017!

Every year the Global Student Challenge aims to stimulate and improve the interaction between the corporate and academic world. The objective is to identify the best student talents worldwide and connect them with the corporate sector. Once again The Talent Connection facilitates this purpose!


The Talent connection

By participating in the Challenge you get to demonstrate your skills and become part of our unique talent program! The Talent Connection allows world’s top corporations to search for students with a specific skill set on a global scale. Your results in the Challenge help create a unique student profile differentiating you from the main stream. The Talent Connection facilitates in both internship and job opportunities, opening doors to an exciting (international) career.


The Fresh connection

The Fresh Connection is the world’s best professional Supply Chain Management training tool. It provides insight in the complexities and inter-dependencies in supply chains operating under uncertain and volatile market conditions. This new way of experiential learning is as close as you can get to reality.

Over 15.000 professionals in 600 companies across the world have experienced the online business simulation The Fresh Connection since its launch in 2008. The majority of the 500 world’s most successful companies are using The Fresh Connection to train personnel up to and including executive management level.


The Challenge provides the opportunity for students and teachers to experience this professional learning tool and connect to companies who face these complexities on a daily basis.