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What is Global Student Challenge?

Every year, The Fresh Connection APICS Global Student Challenge pits teams from universities and business schools in your region and across the globe against each other.

The Fresh Connection delivers the ultimate value chain learning experience. Discover the power of true alignment and a well articulated supply chain strategy, supported by tactical skills and knowledge. Tear down functional silos and create the right cross functional mindset.

What's new?

Ranking of top teams after Global Round 2

Some great changes in the ranking were observed after the 2nd Global Round making the competition very exciting!

The top 3 teams of each continent after the 2nd Global Round are: (more…)

Best scoring teams in Global Round 1

Top 3 for each continent150 teams from 107 Educational Institutions in 34 countries have qualified for the Global Rounds. The first Global Round has been calculated and the results are very promising!



The best performing teams per continent are:


Photo Contest winners!

Congratulations to the 10 teams that won the special training webinar in the 2nd round of the Photo Contest!

  • Titans and Catalyst from India
  • IUL and Refindent from Indonesia
  • Olympos Project Team from Turkey
  • fourinone from Vietnam
  • Athena from Malaysia
  • Tiramisu from Bangladesh
  • ENSATElogisTeam from Morocco and
  • Spencer variable from Hong Kong

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